How do I take Seamoss?

How long does Seamoss last?
All Seamoss gel have a use by date on the bottom of the jar – approximately three weeks from when you
receive it due to each jar being made fresh. Seamoss gel can also be preserved for longer usage, by
freezing for up to 3 months.
How should I store Seamoss?
Seamoss gel-refrigerated
How can I freeze my Seamoss?

Who can take Seamoss and who should avoid it?
Anyone, however Seamoss is high in Iodine and too much iodine can cause thyroid disorders.
If you have Hashimotos, thyroiditis or other issues related to hypothyroidism, speak to your doctor for
advice before taking.  Avoid also, if you have stomach ulcers due to the high amount of naturally formed
iodine in the product.
How long does it take for delivery?

Is Wholesale available?
Yes, please contact us at (email)

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